Successful Eco Printing…I’m in Love!

Vinegar, Copper and Rust mixed bundle Vinegar only Peonie Copper and Vinegar Wigelia Copper and Rust Mordanted Wigelia Wigelia Eco Print scarf

I took these scarves out of the steamer yesterday before leaving for my Master Gardener class.  I was so excited when I hung them to dry I wanted to stick around until they were dry. Above is what greated me on the drying rack this morning.

The tan piece was done with only vinegar and folded on itself, not rolled.   The colorful bottom piece is a complete success. I started with wigelia leaves and rolled it around a wigelia branch, all sprayed with vinegar mordant as I worked. Then I coated only the outside of the piece with a copper and rust solution I had been steeping in a jar.

The other pieces are all mordanted with either vinegar and the copper/rust solution or just vinegar using wigelia or a combination of oak, fern and dogwood leaves.

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2 thoughts on “Successful Eco Printing…I’m in Love!

  1. These are gorgeous! Several years ago I dyed some fabric using black walnut hulls and leaves with several different mordants and I loved the results. You got a lot more color than I did. Mine were just different shades of tan.

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