American Craft Council Vintage Photo Project

Do you remember those 8 x 10 glossies I showed you a picture of before?  The piece is completed and submitted. I’m happy to have it done. Below are photos of some of the process.

ACC_jpainedawes_003 ACC_jpainedawes_004

And here is the completed piece. The editor said she will notify me when it comes out.  I’m linking to Nina Marie’s Off The Wall Friday since this is really off my wall now!

Through the Lense of Time_Jpainedawes_full

2 thoughts on “American Craft Council Vintage Photo Project

  1. Hi! I love vintage photos too. I saw your comment about those annoying puzzles required on many blogs in order to leave a comment. Just wanted to let you know, I generally post a link on Nina-Marie’s “Off the Wall Fridays”; I hate the puzzles too; and I don’t have such a device on my blog! LOL!

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