People & Portraits Book Review and Giveaway

I am a lucky person. I received a copy of this wonderful book from Lark Crafts to review on my blog. I’ve had it for a few weeks but was waiting for the Blog Tour to tell you how great this is.  Lark’s books presentation is always first class from the cover images to the quality of the printing.  Their Art Quilt Portfolio series is one of the best on the shelf whether you are an art quilter, gallerist or simply love eye candy.
Anyone who paints or draws knows how difficult the human figure can be to get just right. The challenge is interpreting a 3-D object into a 2-D space without loosing the nuances that make each figure a unique being. Now take that challenge and interpret it in fabric. Soft, drapey, sometimes mind of its own fabric. The artists in Martha Sielman’s book met this challenge with artistic mastery.
There is no way to talk about each of the artists featured so I  will pick out a few of my favorites. I will tell you that my favorites are from artists who capture the essence of their subjects without printing onto the fabric.
One of my all time favorite artists is Lori Lupe Pelish. Her work can be found beginning on page 118. I’m fascinated with the way she used commercial fabrics to create lush textures and shadings.  It is the mark of a real master who can start with a chalk line on black fabric and build her composition using snippets of fabrics the way a painter uses a brush stroke.  For me, what she does with fabric is what makes me love the medium.
Sprinkled within the chapters are quilts created by artists who are not featured with interviews. They are no less important to the book.  On page 81, Nancy L. King’s Backyard Boys captures the essence of summer. The clothing, the pose of each boy gets the message across loud and clear. This could be any backyard in the summertime.
On page 56, Julie Duschack’s  Monk in the Doorway is another of my favorites. Her use of negative space and angled lines draw your eye to the solitary figure of the monk. Is he welcoming the new day with the bright light shining on his golden robe?  Art that makes me wonder is appealing.
This is just a small sampling of the book’s offerings. You will have to see it for yourself to experience it all.  I’m writing this before the tour begins so I hope I have offered you different insight than the other bloggers.
Oh!! I almost forgot!!! Leave a comment before July 1st and I will pick one lucky winner to receive a copy of this book directly from Lark.  I’ll announce the winner here on Independence Day. Also check out Nina Marie’s Off The Wall Friday.

49 thoughts on “People & Portraits Book Review and Giveaway

  1. I enjoyed your review of the People and Portraits book! And contratulations on Stinky Eye getting in the pets exhibit!Martha Ginn

  2. Thanks for pointing out about the negative space in Monk in the Doorway. You are so correct. My book arrived in the mail yesterday. I won it on the first day's giveaway. What a wonderful book it is. I'll be visiting its pages again and again.

  3. Janice, I agree with you. I have admired Lori Lupe Pelish's work for some time. I am always amazed by her fabric choices and how well they work to create shape and form. Thanks for the possibility of winning this book.

  4. I love your Singer sewing machine case. Thanks for reviewing the book. I would love to have it for inspiration. Thanks for reviewing it.Vicki

  5. Your sewing machine case is way cool! My princess grandbaby Lucy is also a pink and purple person. She would love it (when she's slightly older). In the meanwhile, I would love a copy of the book—I too admire people who can master portraits!

  6. I so wanted to enter a quilt for this book and was not able to get a response from the photographer whose picture I used after many many tries. I would love to have the book anyway!Sandy C

  7. Great post and review! I'm just learning about art quilts so this hop is great. This book looks amazing, so many talented and inspiring artists. Thanks for pointing out a few of your favorite in the book, I'm going to go check out their work.Thank you and Lark Books for a super giveaway and a chance to win.usairdoll(at)gmail(dot)com

  8. I have been wanting to read this book for some time now. Just had too many stacked up already. If I win, I will put it at the top of the stack.

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