Vintage Quilt Find

 I purchased this doll sized piece a few weeks ago. It was in one long piece so I reverse sewed it into 2 pieces that I stitched together to make a square. The muslin backing was also saved and stitched together so the backing will be authentic.  

I would not have sewn a 9-patch together with placement of dark and lights like this, but it has a charm to it that too many quilt rules could spoil.  I paid $2 for the piece and of course I couldn’t pass it up. The fabrics are all turn of the century shirtings with a healthy dose of the wonderful chambray blues.

 Imagine my surprise a week later when I found a 2 yard piece of that great chambray blue shirting for a whopping 50 cents. It is only 24 inches wide, which helps date the piece for anyone who isn’t familiar with Civil War Era and turn of the century fabrics. I’m sure the volunteers at the thrift shop thought nobody would want this. It is that mind set that allows us to pick up treasures to save from the burn pile.

This was such a great find. I can now put a border on the quilt before I quilt it. I have some antique muslin yardage that I can use for the back since this will be larger, or I may just use more of the blue to expand the existing muslin backing. Of course it will be hand quilted or possibly tied since all of the little 9-patches are hand pieced together. There are very few that have seams that match up but that adds to the charm of the piece. When it is completed, it will be a nice addition to my other little quilts of this period. 

2 thoughts on “Vintage Quilt Find

  1. ohhh what a treasure! This reminds me of while I was vacation – I saw on facebook – a 30's quilt top that was in a consignment shop down the block from my house being sold for $30. Had to call my husband and told him to stop what he was doing and go buy it for me – LOL!! too funny! Sooner or later I'll hand quilt that top up – it looks so limp without its other layers!

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