Native American Influence ATC

I’ve been out of commission for awhile with a health issue so this was my first trade since I could work again. Turquoise is probably my most favorite color, in all values and shades that the natural stone comes in.  It is a color that shows up in my quilts and paintings more than any other.

I have a large collection of Native American turquoise and sterling silver jewelry that I wear all the time and one piece is never enough.

I wanted these cards to mimic my favorite things and the original plan was to use silver wire and beads in them, but my hands weren’t cooperating to finish them the way I wanted to. The next best thing was to find some silver reflective window film to add the silver to my pieces.

The background is some of my hand painted fabric that is quilted with gold thread. The inchie in the middle is cut from my SAQA donation quilt left over pieces.  Each one is adorned with a thin buckskin strip and tiny feather. The roundel is natural wood that I thought mimics bone beads.   Because these were quilted with poly batting, I was able to seal the edges by burning with a wood burning tool.

I hope you all like them. Oh yes, because Mathea lives in New Zealand there is one card without a feather. I would hate for it to be confiscated out of the mail!