Masters Art Quilts Vol. 2 Review

I know I’m a little late to the game for this review. There has been so much flurry over the blog hop and the giveaways of the book. I hope more people have the book by now and are enjoying it as much as I am.
When my copy arrived I couldn’t wait to open that fat padded envelope. It was heavy and promised many hours of enjoyment. I haven’t been disappointed.
What struck me on my first go through wasn’t just the high quality of the book and the obvious high quality of the artists. It was that each artist who is spotlighted has a definite voice. As artists we hear that term bandied about and many wonder just what is that elusive term and how do I get mine. If you need a lesson in what it is, this book will show you in no uncertain terms.
As you progress from one artist to the next there is no mistake that you are seeing a different voice. Just as each artwork is distinct and original so is the artist’s  voice. We also hear about having a cohesive body of work to submit for jurying. If you doubt what that means, the book will show you that, too.
There is another thing that made an impression on me. I noticed how many of the works had hand stitching. But for me it isn’t hand stitching vs machine work….it is that the artist is so attuned to their medium that they know which technique will convey their message to the viewer. That is true for whatever process they are using. 
Make no mistake that the artists in this book are truly masters in their field. The field of art quilting, textile art, visual art or whatever term you choose is a richer place with these people in it. 
Oh, that voice thing?  You are just going to have to keep working until you find yours.