When Life gives you lemons, plant sunflowers.

My original plan for this Arts in the Cards trade bit the dust so you might say I had to make lemonade from the lemon.  I was not impressed or motivated when I started this idea. I quilted commercial cotton with a summer garden print. then I fused stylized sunflowers on the front. It was getting better. Then I added the funky rick rack grass and granny butterfly. When I started the backs, I decided to leave a pocket for a surprise inside. I searched for a quote or a blessing but couldn’t come up with anything I liked. So I made up my own quote to fit the trade, wrote it on construction paper lemons and tucked it inside the card. Photo quality isn’t great because I scanned this in. I hope the recipients like them when they sprout in their mailbox.

One thought on “When Life gives you lemons, plant sunflowers.

  1. these will surely put a smile on someone's face..and love your saying!!! I clicked on your pic to see it closer!! Nice!!!!

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