Toad Hollow

Here is this morning’s visitor. Well, it isn’t a toad, it is a Pickeral Frog. I wonder if it is the extreme heat we are having in this area that is making the usually silent and hidden critters become visible.

I knew this guy was living in the trashcan enclosure. The other day when I moved a pot he and 2 siblings hopped away. I wonder if he is stunned by the heat? My remote thermometer says it is 102 in the shade today. YIKES!

2 thoughts on “Toad Hollow

  1. I am quite fond of frogs, toads and other such small creatures. I always think a home with some toads around the yard is blessed. 🙂 102? Heavens, I thought _Maryland_ was way too hot way too early in the summer! :PLinda

  2. yes, 102. It has been so brutal that I can't take Bandit and Lulu for a walk on the pavement because it would burn their feet. I'll have to get up early before the pavement heats up again.

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