Another experience passes into memory.

Our little park model mobile home in McAllen, TX sold today. That part of our life experience  is now memory.

Ron and I sat here last night and listed some of the things we would not have done or seen if we hadn’t been there for a few winter Texan seasons.

I would never have experienced the Ropas and been able to have all the wonderful ethnic textiles I have in my stash.

We would never have experienced the Mexican Flea Markets where there might be a stall of chickens next to a stall of fresh vegetables.

We wouldn’t have seen the desert cacti in bloom as far as we could see while driving back from South Padre where the beach that day was full of man of way jelly fish.

We couldn’t have gone to the Killer Bees Hockey Games or the farm team basketball games.

We met some wonderful people from all over the northern hemisphere and enjoyed many dinners and fun times. We experienced mariachi bands, ballet folkloric, a boys choir from Mexico City, art walks and galleries  and too many other things to mention.

We will miss all of this, but there will be new experiences waiting for us around the next bend.

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