Where did it go?

They were here a minute ago, they disappeared. Must be a glitch in Blogger…but no, I deleted the post on Quilt National.  I received some great comments on the pieces and one not so great. They are based on a very real outlawed custom in India and a few other countries of cremating the living widow on the husband’s funeral pyre.  The hands that disturbed people really did their job if it was disturbing….emotions were evoked whether you understood them or not. Sometimes we want our art to be pretty pictures with nothing disturbing in it and definitely no social commentary. But like life, that isn’t reality. If you are one of the people who were disturbed by the hands and wondered why they were on the pieces, do some research on the practice of sati and look for images of the sati gates. Maybe then you will understand why there were burned saris and red hands on my quilts.

I respect all of you for your view points…but after all, these are my babies, with all their warts and scars. I thought it was time they went back into hiding.

One thought on “Where did it go?

  1. We portray in our art what we want to make a statement about. Sounds like your quilts brought to light a situation that people probably don't want to dwell on but should be aware of. Difficult subject, courageous of you to take on.

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