Studio DONE!!!

For all practical purposes, which means I can go play and deal with the rest of the boxes later….the new workspace is done. To look at it you would think I do only traditional quilts. I love my baskets and antiques, this is the only room in the house decorated this way. I use the treadle machine and the quilt above it is the only surviving quilt my grandmother made. These two things were the deciding factor on the wall paint color. I will use some of the other colors I looked at in the guest room that is behind the folding screen.

The painting behind my chair is one of mine, and the orchid painting on the right bar of my blog is mine. Both of these were painted while I lived in Sarasota, Florida and were inspired by the flowers in my garden. I have a closet full of paintings and prints from those paintings that I used to sell at art shows. Let me know if you are interested in any of the paper prints…I will sell them inexpensively. I didn’t know there were so many of them left until I moved this room.

There is room in front of the thread shelves to put an easy chair when I find the right one, another shelf goes to the right of the sewing table Ron made for me, and there is a small cabinet that holds bottles of ‘stuff’ to be hung. We are making a large design wall to sit in front of the closet door for larger pieces. The one sitting on top of the Koala cutting table can be carried over to the machine.  Behind the closet doors are shelves for batting, hanging tops and finished pieces and painting art supplies.

The floors are ceramic tile so all the pins and snips and strings can easily be swept up. I found the two brass and milk glass lights at the local Salvation Army for $8 each. Ron added the brass chains and hung them in opposite corners for great lighting. I think these must have come from a commercial building because they will take up to 250W bulbs! When we looked at new lighting at the home stores, everything had a max wattage of 60W….not good.

Hope you enjoyed looking! Would love to hear what you think.

Fabric shelves…SOME of it….

Cutting and pressing here

Space for a Chair to reverse sew.

Command Central Wireless stuff

My Treadle and Grandma’s quilt

5 thoughts on “Studio DONE!!!

  1. Fabulous, can u come and do my room?K, i have to ask, the last pic with the treadle machine,,, which i have my grandma's too… in the background , that large looks like piece of funky fabric, what is it?

  2. So very neat! I love looking at everyone's work space. I put mine up not too long ago on my blog. ALSO Love your beautiful Angel trumpet piece! It's to die for!

  3. This is awesome…..I'm envious of your fabric shelf – I'm still waiting on my husband to install mine for me! That is a beautiful quilt you have hanging in there too. LOVE it.

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