Vintage Ceramic Egg holder

Here is my little egg holder all gussied up to use. Some of you asked for a finished picture. It’s so handy since I don’t have a drawer in my sewing table and I am notorious for saving little bits and pieces. The bright green is a wonderful snippet of ribbon that was tied around our plate of cookies we brought home from the cookie exchange…ymmmm….the little coins are from a scarf I bought at a local Ropa. This was a scarf for a belly dancer I’m sure and it was ringed with over 50 small thin coins stamped with eastern symbols.

One thought on “Vintage Ceramic Egg holder

  1. Hi Janice,I love Ropas! Every year when we head to South Texas, I troll the scarf bins for unusual fabrics and designs for under a buck! Love your re-purposed egg holder…and the mola…what a find!

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