It’s Starting To Look Good

I am always pleased when what I think a project will look like actually comes about.

We got the divided trays glued together to make the 2 sides. Then we put molding on the sides to make a 1/4 inch lip. This will hold the lids on the boxes. Quarter inch plywood was cut to make the lids.

I need to line each box with foam and then get some memory foam to attach to the lids. All of that will keep the pastels from moving around too much. I haven’t decided if I will actually hinge these together or just sinch them with twill belts or velcro. Probably one more day to finish and load this puppy up!

Getting lost in the Snow

Well, we have no snow so far this year and it has only been cold enough one day to wear a warm scarf. But I always want to be prepared so last year I started this scarf with cotton boucle and odd scraps of bright colors. ┬áIt was put away unfinshed when it warmed up and I just rediscovered it in a basket while packng and moving the studio. It’s finished and I can guarantee worn with my royal blue quilted coat that I will NOT get lost in the snow.