Getting lost in the Snow

Well, we have no snow so far this year and it has only been cold enough one day to wear a warm scarf. But I always want to be prepared so last year I started this scarf with cotton boucle and odd scraps of bright colors. ┬áIt was put away unfinshed when it warmed up and I just rediscovered it in a basket while packng and moving the studio. It’s finished and I can guarantee worn with my royal blue quilted coat that I will NOT get lost in the snow.


Free form Scrappy Crocheted Finished!

 The piece I started last month is finished….I ran out of cotton yarn! This was  therapy for me, mindless hand work, no pattern and no plan. It finished out approximately 45 x 60 so it is large enough to cuddle under. There isn’t anything as comfy as cotton in my mind.

I have always loved the Rastafarian clothing. This isn’t the traditional colors,but it still has the Bob Marley look to it, also  the qualities of scrap quilts made from whatever was in the rag bag.

 These are photographs of a few of my favorite areas of the coverlet.

Now I have to get the sleeve on my quilt for SAQA’s Beyond Comfort exhibit and get it in the mail.

Why you should just DO something

 I’m going through some major life changes right now. It would be super easy to just sit back and do nothing. Unfortunately that isn’t in my nature. Maybe it would be good to be able to disconnect for a while, but it isn’t something I’ve ever learned to do. I’ve never seen the point of it…..can you tell I’m a type “A” personality?

While destashing and going through the huge pile of supplies that came back to Arkansas from Texas when my place sold there, I came across this basket of cotton yarns. Lots and lots of little pieces and nothing with enough to make a planned anything.

It would have been easy to pitch this stuff and not have to deal with it. Unfortunately, pitching stuff in the trash isn’t in my nature either. There will be a monstrous pile of donated things before I”m done, too.

I got out some of my pattern books thinking I would just start something, but there wasn’t enough of anything for any patterns. So, I just started crocheting.  Odd that with RA I can do the motions needed for this.  I think I’m going to call it free-style crochet and I think it will look a lot like a crazy quilt when it gets done. I guess if it serves the purpose of keeping my mind quiet in the evenings and gives me something creative to do, it is a good thing.