Pastel Box Carry-All

There are still a few things to do on my pastel carry-all. It is going to be useable as it is which is a good thing because we are going to the river and I plan on some creative time. At least one day is predicted to be 100 degrees but there is always early morning and evening when it will be cooler.

I discovered a few things like I have holes in my color range, especially in the violets and blues. Since I do a lot of landscape and nature work those colors are important. I also have holes in my lightest values. This box does not hold all my pastels so I need to make a few more of these. I really like that I can cover them, cinch them together and go but can still easily use them in the studio. There is enough room to put my hardwood backing board and papers under the cinches, making it an all in one. Just grab my easel and go

Remember, Ron and I are not woodworkers or furniture makers. We use what we have and make do as we need to.