Project Red aka Painted Pig

This is what happens when you start undoing all the bad things the previous owner did. New flooring looked nice but there is rotted wood underneath the edges. So the seating had to be taken out so we could see the extent of the damage. See those arrows? That’s the front wall that is no longer attached to the trailer frame. HUGE repair that cannot be ignored. They did the walls and not the floor. Dumb dumb dumb. Ron has the AC going out there now so he will be able to work without getting heat stroke. We were hoping we could get some camping in this fall but there is a lot of work ahead.

All the cabinet doors and drawers had to come off to correct the really messy paint job. So very sad they painted the original birch paneling in this 1959 Shasta. To make it worse they spray painted the cabinet hardware black and it is chipping off big time.