50% Less!

There is so much clothing thrown away around the world the practice just has to stop. Fast fashion and trendy styles are killing the environment. One way each of us can help this world problem is to be creative and find uses for what is thrown away. I purchased this gorgeous sweater the other day at a thrift shop. My intent was to reclaim the fabric in it to give it a second chance. One less sweater in the landfill.

After first disassembling the sweater into parts, it was time to put it through a first fulling. That simply means that using water, soap and agitation the sweater weave will close up and shrink in size. The fiber label on this sweater said it was 88% wool. I took a gamble that the woven stripe areas were the other 12%. It was a gamble that paid off. It shrank about 50% and resulted in a thick wool fabric.

I can’t wait to use this gorgeous wool in a project and not waste even one tiny piece of it.

3 thoughts on “50% Less!

  1. wool and cotton are even compostable!
    I have just begun reading the book: “Fibershed” by Rebecca Burgess. (HIGHLY RECOMMEND)
    I am amazed by the overwhelming waste and toxicity regarding “fast fashion”. I’ve been in the sewing industry my whole life and am at a stage where I realize my choices matter dramatically and hopefully I can be influential in what I do as a maker. Thanks for encouraging recycling clothing!
    absolutely LOVE the sweater- looks hand dyed to begin with

  2. Thank you Linda! I have reclaimed fiber for a long time but I am stepping up my use. Like you, I hope that I can influence others to take a hard look at their fashion practices.

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