It’s OK to Show Your Age

Being old doesn’t mean your are useless or ugly. It means you have a lot of years of experience along with the bumps, bruises and scuffs to prove how well loved and useful you have been. I am talking about my newest Singer Featherweight.  Here she is in all her gussied up glory, stitching that perfect lock stitch she is known for.

She has been totally cleaned, oiled and greased on the inside. All her parts work exactly the way they should. All her bright shiny metal bits sparkle and and her wrinkles shine ready to go another 50 years or more. But, she has some really bad scars and age cracks. Some of them all the way down to the bone.  But her heart is still going strong.

She was a challenge and I have worked 2 days on her. I planned on sending her off for a snazzy coat of paint and clear coat. Then Ron said, “I like her that way. She shows her age with no apologies. ”

So I think she is going to remain the way she is for now. No need for cosmetic surgery. Her case needs attention too, but that’s for another day.

Here are a few pictures of her spa days and a few tools of the trade.

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