I’m In Good Company

For the first time in awhile now, I entered work in Quilt National. I had told myself before this that I wasn’t going to submit to quilt shows that were more concerned with even stitching and tight bindings. You know, the quilt police. I’m not saying it is as strict for Quilt National, but they do look at quilt construction.  I simply cannot do that kind of perfect work any longer due to my rheumatoid arthritis. And you know what? It sucks big time ! There are days I want to kick the sewing machine.

I only want to submit to exhibitions that judge art for its visual impact and connections/message to viewers. I think I might have a fighting chance in that kind of show. But I entered Quilt National any way, call me crazy. And mine were some  of the more than 700 entries that were not chosen. I am in really good company with a lot of art quilters I know and who’s work I admire. It doesn’t sting too much, just a little when I see the bank account going down from entry fees.

I think they are some of my strongest work. Now they are free to be juried for other venues. The search for the right ones begins!

Clinging to Life 27x35 2800.00
Clinging to Life
Until Next Year
21 x 27
Bleeding Sky  20 x 36 inches $1800.00
Bleeding Sky
20 x 36 inches

10 thoughts on “I’m In Good Company

  1. These are so beautifully delicate! I have never submitted to any quilt show – too daunting (rules, money, quilt police, etc.) – but I wonder if they tell you why your work did not get accepted? I don’t know. Are there rules on technical stuff like binding style (mitered?) or sleeve size or whatever that may have disqualified you, rather than on the ARTfulness, which is just beautiful on your work. I’m speaking of stuff I don’t know about, so please excuse my ignorance. Your work reminds me of watercolors – so pretty! That you made cloth look so ethereal (Gail stole my word before I thought of it!!), is amazing.

  2. Thank you! There are guidelines for every show as well as basics you are expected to know. It was simply a matter of having a huge amount of entries. The judges had a specific look they wanted for the show ( you never know what that is) and my work and others not chosen either didn’t fit the look or there were just too many.

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