How I Have Modified My Midarm Machine

In pursuit of a good stitch I have had to make some modifications to my machine. I have spent days researching how other mid arms are threaded and adjusted.The manufacturer of my machine is notorious for being unresponsive to quilters who own this machine and who cannot stitch with it.  First up has been to set the needle bar to the correct height per other machines. I loosened the screw you see behind the red circle. Then I put a dime under the foot for correct height and tightened the screw again. Over the next few days I will post explanations of other “fixes”.



3 thoughts on “How I Have Modified My Midarm Machine

  1. Your foot looks like it is round and the needle does sit in the center. Mine has an oval foot with an opening at the front. You couldn’t judge 1/4″ from edges with it and the needle position that couldn’t be moved was closer to the front. I now keep my Westalee HSS foot on all the time. It’s circular and centered. I keep 2 of the screws in the plastic cover plate, positioned diagonally and then only remove one to rotate the cover to access for oiling. I did adjust my foot to the same height.

  2. The foot is oval. It is one of 3 I have, and not what came with the machine . I like this closed foot best. I will look up your foot to see if I Might like it.

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