My Rescued Bernina is Mended

I rescued a Bernina 1031 two weeks ago. Can I say it was filthy? It had been dropped and jammed the bobbin winder and the tension could not  be adjusted. But is was really really cheap so it followed me home to my sewing machine hospital. (Even though Ron tried to stop me!)

I love a challenge. I rarely give up on a machine that is worth saving. It is a last resort to ever part a vintage machine out. Without a really long story I repaired the tension but had to remove both the outer and one of the inner shells. The bobbon winder requires removing the mother board and I decided not to do that just now. I have my homemade bobbin winder that I use to wind all my bobbins so repairing this one just isn’t important now.

I think I am going to love this machine!




7 thoughts on “My Rescued Bernina is Mended

  1. Janis, it is called a thin wallet being the motivating factor to learn to do this. But there is a thrill to making something work again.

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