Thinking of Blue and Getting Maroon-ed

It was a mild winter and spring is early. My woad stayed green so I will have a bumper crop this year. I thought it best to use some of the leaves stored in my freezer.  A funny thing happens with woad when heat is used. The indigotin present in the leaves turns shades of pink and maroon.  When a dye vat is made with woad it is a beautiful blue. This was the blue dye plant in Europe before trade routes opened to the orient for other indigo sources.

2 upcycled silk blouses were layered with frozen woad leaves, then processed in the pressure cooker. The strong dye (indigotin) penetrated all layers of the bundles leaving full and ghost prints. I love the depth created with the leaves this way. Be sure to right click for an enlarged image to see the detail.

image image


image image



5 thoughts on “Thinking of Blue and Getting Maroon-ed

  1. Love the prints you got with the woad. Where did you get your plants? I wonder if it would grow up here in MI?

    Gail Myrhorodsky

    Proud Sponsor of the Fiber 5K to Fight Cancer

  2. Yes it will grow there Gail. I started with seeds and I save seed. It can become invasive since it readily seeds. Jenny Dean even has the seed giving beautiful pinks so I will be saving more seeds for the dye pot ths year.

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