A Little R & R

Ron and I took a much needed weekend away. We hired a babysitter to spend the nights with our tiny pups and hit the road. We decided we needed to check out Springfield, MO a little more. They have a new boutique hotel Hotel Vandivort to explore. We used to take weekend trips like this quite often in our younger days but since we purchased a small motor home they became a thing of the past.

We made certain to plan our stay around a First Friday Art Walk. The weather has remained balmy so walking would be pleasant. We had no luck finding the kind of restaurant we wanted for dinner. Most of the offerings were the standard sandwiches and fried foods, maybe that’s what the hip people eat now and we were showing our age. We found a neat little place that looked upscale, nice interior, nice wait persons.  Odd menu items but we decided to give it a try. Ugh! The best thing we ate was the salad so that should give you an idea.

A gallery was next door with mostly architectural offerings. They had many oriental rugs and we gravitated to them. Rather than show us, they said they had many in the basement and if we wanted to come back another time they would show them to us, but they were really tired from working all day ?????

We had a map of participating galleries. And found 2 open. Amazing, right? On our walk back to the hotel we stopped at a bistro market for ice cream. Next to the hotel the gallery we could see from our hotel window finally was open, all be it  an hour and half too late. My arthritic joints were screaming by that time so a walk up 3 flights of stairs to see the art wasn’t going to happen.

Here are some photos I took that I think are more exciting than the non-existent art walk.

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