Never Give Up

this is a story about adversity. 5 years ago we bought a beautiful full holiday cactus. It bloomed for months. Then one day it started to wither. So it was pruned and repotted in fresh soil. It continued to wither so in the spring it was set outside and out of mind. In the summer it grew one paddle but the rest of it withered. When frost was predicted, it was left outside on the back of the porch. Of course I didn’t think it would survive. I was pretty tired of this sorry looking thing that refused to respond to my nurturing. But it survived, for 5 years it survived being left out in the cold, never growing. This year I moved it under the weeping pussy willow. Two weeks ago while cleaning off the porch I noticed a miracle. The ends were turning red. Then there were buds. This year as frost was predicted I brought this in by the kitchen window. And now I’m rewarded with 3 blooms. After all my harsh treatment this little plant is giving me some magic. The lesson learned is to never give up, we all bloom in our own time.


2 thoughts on “Never Give Up

  1. I love Christmas cacti! So glad yours finally got around to blooming! Mine never bloomed for years, but the last two years it’s started blooming in very early december- a little advent present to brighten my studio!

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