Colaborative Art Quilt

Ron decided to help me out with a piece that was sandwiched for quilting. He has never stitched with one of my machines before.  I am a little under the weather right now so I told him to go for it. He did a great job and since this was one of the shibori pieces we worked on together it is only right that he helps with more of the work.  Of course little LuLu decided right away to lay claim to the newest piece of cloth. More in a few days as the work progresses. Linking to off The Wall Friday

This isn't so hard!
This isn’t so hard!



6 thoughts on “Colaborative Art Quilt

  1. I can’t imagine my husband doing that for me! But then again I have never asked… Your piece is great and I can’t wait to see it when it is finished. Feel better!

  2. Thanks Kathy. It is like using a jig saw, guiding it through the needle instead of a saw blade. The jigsaw takes away and the machine adds to. He’s wanted to do this for awhile.

  3. My husband does my photograph, shipping and handling, and the occasional drafting of a design fix. Never thought to ask him to help with the quilting, too. Gutsy on both your parts. Kudos to Ron. An excellent first effort.

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