A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood **New Work

Its been awhile since I had something new to show my readers. My small A4 challenge group’s theme was Monochromatic. It is never as easy to do as it sounds!  I chose to use a piece I stitched from rust dyed fabrics.
I know, I used blue thread for my hand stitching so it technically isn’t monochromatic but I plead artistic license!

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood_JPaineDawes


2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood **New Work

  1. Thanks Kathy, I’ve done rust dyeing for quite awhile but don’t always use it in my work. It can be difficult to stitch through. If you look closely and use your imagination, the small stitched circles look like tree tops surrounding a subdivision of circular houses with the blue stitching representing streets and sidewalks. Who said houses have to be square! The blue road winds around the homes connecting them to each other the way a subdivision looks from overhead.

  2. Janice, I find your work very interesting. I have never tried rust dying but you have successfully attempted it! Why did you name it “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood?” Tell us more…

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