Crystal Bridges Museum in Arkansas

I’ll make a few posts on our trip this week, there is just way too much to post in one day. I don’t want to bore you.

I’ll start with some of the gorgeous fall foliage in these beautiful Ozarks.  Crystal Bridges has amazing trails and walkways that were carefully carved out of the hillsides with as little impact as possible. They are nearly seamless as they wind through the trees and streams. The walkways where they needed vegetation have been planted with native Ozark plants. Here are a few of them.

This is not the sun shining on the tips, but the fluorescent yellow green this plant turns in the fall. Perfect against the red of the hydrangea leaves.  All you eco dyers out there, don’t you want to get your hands on those leaves?


Arkansas Ansonia and Oak Leaf Hydrangea
Arkansas Amsonia and Oak Leaf Hydrangea




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