New Eco and Rust dyeing Results

I have been totally slammed this month with deadlines and daily life. Part of the reason is that I have been going to therapy 3 days a week for back problems. Each of those days was a complete waste since I would be so tired afterwards I couldn’t think about making art.

Ron has been helping create in the dye room. He is as enamored of the serendipitous results as I am. So here are some photos of our results, they have been laundered and are on the drying rack, soon ready to go to new homes. Enjoy!

Remember…right click for a larger image to see details.


leaf dyed scarf dawes leaf dyed silk dawes silk rayon scarves dawes

3 thoughts on “New Eco and Rust dyeing Results

  1. lovely! I hope your back feels better! Odd, I’ve also been dealing with a back out and a lot of pain. We’re twin sisters of different mothers. xo

  2. These are wonderful! I love the look of eco dying and did some but have yet to go beyond the initial first stage…on the bucket list, but I love your shapes! And the leaves as well. I’ve been outdoors all morning breaking down my outdoor dye studio (wishing it was warm enough to start some eco dying!). I’m, going to miss it but it’s getting too chilly and the wind is picking up so it’s that time up here in the Northeast.

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