Eco Print Tee Shirts for Fall


Ron and I have been printing scarves and such while we have good weather. I love this tee!  It is printed with dogwood, smoke bush and fern fronds.  A funny thing is happening with our prints. We weren’t thrilled with the results at first, pale and lack-luster. So I took a page from some literature on persimmon dyeing and plunged this in baking soda water. I got this amazing gold color.  Who knew!

The shirts and things we are doing will be for sale at the Art Odyssey Christmas sale at the library in November.  Well, unless they are sold sooner!

Here is another one that has the bundle marks on the back and the dogwood is much greener.

DSCN0310 DSCN0311

2 thoughts on “Eco Print Tee Shirts for Fall

  1. thanks Geri! I first fell in love with the bundle marks and the mixed printing of the leaves. To me it is the difference of painting realism [ perfect leaf prints] and abstract expressionism. Guess which I like best…

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