Online Data tracking

This is definitely art and quilt related but is also about everything we do online.

Many years ago I owned a small artist’s co-op. Two of the members were University professors, one of whom was the internet guru. This was when the internet was brand new and it wasn’t something that everyone was expected to have in their homes. She had written some professional articles for publication about this new phenomenon. I will never forget how impassioned she was that we all needed to be  very careful about this wolf in sheep’s clothing. Everything we ever write or put on the web will remain for ever and ever. Of course most of us poo-poohed what she said.

Well, guess who was right? I’m more savvy than most about my security and protection of information. But lets face it, if you want to be connected you are giving up any expectation of privacy.  I try hard to only put online or in email something I wouldn’t be embarrassed about or too stressed if it comes up in the future to bite me in the butt.  I have a Facebook account and a LinkedIn account but they have security enabled. When either of these programs wants to know more and more personal information for my profile I ignore them. Think…they are selling my information….have you noticed that if you post about something like being on a diet you will then have ads on your FB page about diet remedies?  Or if you look at Craftsy or online schools that’s the ads you get on all your pages?

One of my pet peeves  is people who go on and on about personal trials and tribulations on their Facebook page or in online groups.  Especially people/artists who are trying to make a living online. If I was a gallerist or a promoter for exhibits, I would run in the opposite direction from someone who is always whining (at least that is my interpretation of the ‘poor me’ posts). So would a prospective employer of any kind.  Think people…others CHECK these things to make a decision on whether or not you are honest and trustworthy. I’ve heard people say they want others online to feel like they know them as friends. Sometimes friends have too much information.

So, if anyone has ever wondered why I don’t share more information on my blog…few pictures of friends and family, very little about my  personal life outside art…this is the reason why. I love you all and love it when you send me emails. I try hard to answer everyone personally but not always on the blog.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. The sun is shining here today and I will take advantage of it to get some rays.