A Dyer’s Garden

I am nearly finished with my Master Gardener classes with the University of Arkansas. I feel official since we all got our engraved name tags yesterday…that’s in case we forget who we are when we are out and about with people in the gardens.

I’ve making an effort to plan and organize my small garden spaces around the house. The vegetable garden will remain, as will the large plantings. I am going to add in plants that make good dye material.  I’ve been using the woods for my plant dyes and want to expand a bit more.

We are on the border of zone 7 and 8 so it will depend on where something is placed in the yard whether or not it will grow here. After some research I discovered that I can grow 2 kinds of eucalyptus here by either letting it die back in the winter or taking it inside for the winter. I can also grow woad for that lovely blue that is a little less bright than indigo.  I’ve ordered my seeds for these and can’t wait to start them on the road to germination.

Anything worth having is worth the effort it takes to get it.

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