New Eco Bundle steamers

DSCN9837 Last year I bought these wonderful shallow stainless steel pans at a church garage sale for 50 cents each. I had no idea what I would do with them at the time but they were just too good to pass up. They have lounged in the far back corner of the bottom cabinet since they came home.

I was cleaning the cabinets and rediscovered them! I was so pumped that they are just what I needed to steam my eco bundles.  I have 2 of these and the lid fits super tight so there is no steam escaping in the kitchen.

The bundle on the left is a long pink scarf that is getting recycled with eco prints. The right bundle is a sleeveless cotton tee that is just my size. The silk is sandwiched between two metal plates that Ron drilled steam holes into. I love how they make marks on the fabric. BTW, these were mordanted in alum and cream of tartar before bundling. Then they were sprayed with vinegar water. I’ll show the reveal in a few days.

DSCN9838 DSCN9839

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