Hot Bundles from the dye pot

Great stainless steel asparagus pot and basket works great.
Out of the pot and cooled off for a few days.
Let the magic be revealed. This piece was rust dyed cotton bundled with dogwood leaves.
Some successes in the first pot. The silk is intriguing but didn’t print as well as the rust dyed cottons.

5 thoughts on “Hot Bundles from the dye pot

  1. So is this permanent? I assume so since any time something organic gets on my clothes it’s there for life… just check out what I had for lunch on the front of my shirt.
    LeeAnna Paylor

  2. It is different from chemical dyes. There are steps to take to make it more light and colorfast. Sort of like the front of your shirt….treat it right and it comes out, treat it wrong and it lasts forever!

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