Update Off the Wall Friday Piece

Close Up Detail

Who would have thought that ugly discharged Amish style wall quilt would end up looking like this!  It was really one of those things that happens when art starts to morph into something it wants to be instead of what I want it to be.

A little paint here, more paint there and soon a fiddlehead fern quilt looks like a piece of vintage Mexican pottery. Of course, now I have to give it a new name! We used to spend winters in the Rio Grande Valley. I had used broken pottery through out my Texas garden. I have often wished for some of it for my garden here.

But back to the quilt.It has all the qualities of the primitive decorative painting on vintage pottery.  I am truly in love with this now.  maybe I’m not supposed to love my own work, but I hope you will forgive me this one time.Off the Wall Friday

10 thoughts on “Update Off the Wall Friday Piece

  1. Thanks for encouraging us to keep on embellishing and changing our art until it becomes what it wants to be (when we start to like it!) Love this!

  2. Thank you everyone! Robbie, I hadn't thought of Amate but you are right. I have always been drawn to primitive work of all kinds. It has such raw skill with little thought for perfection. It is art for the joy of making it.

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