The Silk Worm Unspun

I purchased a spool rack for warping the sectional beam on my loom. The lovely lady who sold it to me included 40 wooden spools that had what looked like thin fishing line. It was also stiff so she didn’t know what it was. When I got the spools I saw that they were from a defunct silk factory in Pennsylvania. I tested the fiber and it was definitely not synthetic.  So I figured I was ‘gifted’ with 40 spools of silk thread.

As silk does when it ages, this was stiff and felt like wig hair. It couldn’t be unrolled since it was shattering. I cut one spool clean and bagged up the fibers for use in some kind of art project.  I sent some to a couple of friends to play with, too.  

I hadn’t had time to play but when we saw the bluebirds and wrens building nests, Ron put some outside for them to use.  Of course, it rained…and look what happened! The silk reverted to its natural state. It kinked and curled and even twisted just like it would do if it was in a cocoon. I am so pumped about this.  Just think that I have 39 more spools to cut off and save. If I soak it all and let it kink up to its natural state, I may have a blast dyeing, spinning or using it in art quilts.

So, the moral of the story is…don’t throw anything away until you have time to play!

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