I was reading my friend Michele’s blog today about new beginnings. I met Michelle in person when she was vacationing in my area last year. I’m also in some online groups with her.

She said something in this post that struck me as something that I need to remember….”those of us who are optimistic romantics, who believe that if you work hard, life will treat you fairly and reward you accordingly.”

My former husband always said I was a pessimist. I would sit and look with puzzlement since I never felt like a pessimist. That is someone who gives up, only finds negative in life and is more comfortable sitting in front of the TV letting life pass them by. How could that be used to describe me when I look forward to every day, find joy in the tiniest wonders of nature, laugh at my fur babies playing, keep active and love to be around people? I can see now that for years I lived in a conflict from how I feel inside and what I was told.

Thank you Michelle for turning a light on in my world. I love your terminology.  I am an optimistic romantic. Life may get me down once in awhile but it can never keep me down for long. I find good in most things, accept what I can’t do anything about, distance myself from people with terminally negative attitudes and get busy with the business of living and art.

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