Vintage Quilt Top Find

Yesterday on my way home from exercise class I stopped at a thrift shop and one estate sale. The thrift shop coughed up this vintage Brick Road pattern quilt top for $3. It was a long skinny piece that I split and stitched together to make a lap quilt that will measure apx. 42×55. Plenty of room to get cozy this winter.

The estate sale had some sewing things and a  cotton batt for $1 decided to go home with me. Since I finished my mindless crochet throw I needed some easy hand work to do while I watch trash TV at night. I think this will be wonderful when it is done for only $4. I took a few photos of some of my favorite fabrics in the piece. Oddly enough I have had some of these fabrics in the past. I really love the deer and they remind me of Jay McCarroll’s Woodland Wonderland line of fabric from FreeSpirit. Find it here

5 thoughts on “Vintage Quilt Top Find

  1. I love to hand quilt and am still hand quilting what I call a drag along quilt. What a nice find this is!! Where else does a bit of history get to keep you warm AND give hours of entertainment?! So glad to see that hand stitching is coming back – there was a ton of it at Quilt national this year!

  2. Many years ago I taught hand quilting without a hoop or frame. Now my arthritic hands won't do the tension part so I have moved to a frame. Not quite as satisfying but an adjustment that had to be made.

  3. Love the novelty prints and the deer does remind me of Jay's. I love to hand quilt but still do it loose or with a small hoop. It seems like frame is too hard on my hands. Just glad you are still able to do it. THanks for sharing.

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