The Crows flew home to the sunflower fields

The crows  in my Gel Glue tutorial were added to Barb’s quilt and then passed along to the last group member who had the task of adding something to it. That quilter chose this great coin border using many of the fabrics that were in Barb’s  bag. Now Barb gets to either finish this as it is for a wall hanging or add to it for a larger quilt. 

I will post photos of some of the other peices from this group challenge at a later date. I think we were all pleased with what we ended up with. I know most everyone had to really stretch outside their box and use fabrics they didn’t like, decide how to add to something that started totally different than anything we would do on our own and try to please the personality of the person who would end up owning the quilt.

Isn’t she cute and isn’t this a great little quilt?