My finished Indigo pieces

Below are some of pieces from the Fabric Fondlers indigo dyeing days. These were all experiments since none of us had experienced this before. We tried different kinds of resists with blocks, bands, clips, shibori pole and others. A really cool piece that I don’t have pictures of was clamped between 2 pieces of peg board. I did a few pieces without designs in case I decide to cut any of this up to make a pieced quilt.
It was a lot of fun and each fabric that was revealed was better than the last. We all did shirts and socks, too. Even my hubby Ron got an indigo tie dyed shirt out of the day. 


4 thoughts on “My finished Indigo pieces

  1. Lovely!I just started my first indigo vat yesterday. I was just taking a break from removing threads, bands, strings, and clamps and saw your post on the QA list. Great minds and all that, huh? :)Gisela

  2. Hi Janice – I'm glad your indigo dyeing was so successful. It looks like you got lots of interesting designs and beautiful fabric. Now you get to have the fun of deciding what to do with it.

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