Cotter Trout Festival and Sisters on the Fly….Inspiration

 Our morning was spent at the Cotter, Arkansas annual Trout Festival. This tiny northern Arkansas town calls itself  “Trout Captial of the World”….it must be true… says so on the water tower.

This is a great little town with all the homes built on steep hills with most roads that run to the river. It has become a mecca for retirees, many whom are from Colorado. I’ve even heard it called Little Colorado.

The first picture is part of Big Spring, I’ve included it so you can see the natural beauty of the area. I’ll have more on Big Spring park in a few days.  This natural beauty in the area is what drew us to live here. Both Ron and I love the outdoors and never get tired of exploring and finding something new to exclaim about.   

I didn’t notice the men in the window when I snapped this picture. They sort of look like old trout fishermen haunting Big Spring in an eternal fishing trip looking for that record trout.

When we drove into the parking area I was thrilled to find a Sisters on the Fly vintage camping trailer on display. I don’t have much on my bucket list but to spend a weekend with these women camping and fishing would be close to the top. Of course I would have to buy a vintage trailer and have all the fun of designing it and getting it ready.

This trailer is painted like a brown trout. The tow vehicle is in front of it. Notice the very large red and white bobber on the top. As we sent around to the front we saw the line coming from the antenae to the bobber and then this wonderful peacock feather  fly  that had hooked to the window! I love the creativity of this sister, all the detail she put into the trailer.

 If you look closely you can see how she used the eye end of the peacock feather for the eyes of her giant fly.

 As we walked further into the vendor area I found this wonderful Peace car! It was painted with Peace signs and paisley designs. It was even embellished with pearls…including pearls of wisdom in the form of signs and bumper stickers. How cool is this?
Just when I think there is a lack of non-conformity in the area I am treated to a sight like this.

I always try to remember my camera when I go out on a Saturday outing. We weren’t sure what we would find this year since our area has been in the grips of the heat wave with 100+ degree heat index every day for over 2 weeks. There isn’t much going on after about 10 AM.

In the next few days I will post more photos I took this morning. This is really a small town that comes complete with the old swimming hole. It is where some of Big Spring comes to the surface and is pretty cold water. There is an iron pole with a rope swing that the kids stand in line to use. Really…..and the parents let the kids do this for the sheer joy of the experience….nobody cautions them that they will break a leg, arm or their head. 
One of the other big activities today was a Plein Aire paint in. I have pictures of some of the participating artists that I will share with you. There will also be a picture of Ron next to a huge slab of Arkansas quartz crystals that a rock cutter had there.   So stay tuned and check back in a few days for more small town fun.