Little Pink Worm Undone

A small piece of the pink worm undone. I’ve not decided what I  will do with the whole piece so for now I will keep it under wraps.  I can say I am in love with it and it was totally worth the hours spent stitching the resists.

shibori walnut dyed

Little Pink Worm

The best kind of little pink worm is on the end of a hook enticing a fish to bite it’s dinner, so I can have dinner!  But that isn’t the kind this is…but it looks like some kind of wiggly pink something or other doesn’t it?  This is a piece of snow dyed fabric from last winter’s dye days that was less than stellar.  So I worked for hours and hours stitching and wrapping resist patterns into it. It is in a dye bath of very stinky old walnut dye right now. The photo is a little fuzzy [caterpillar?] but I’m hoping for good things when it’s dyed, dried and untied.