Hyacinth Beans! ** INFORMATION***

***Lots of questions about these. I’ve always grown them here in the Mid-South as a decorative vine.  In the orient and Africa they are grown as a food crop. When young, all parts are edible including the leaves and flowers. Like nasturtiums the flowers look wonderful in salads.  I have not eaten them and will continue to eat my garden variety green beans and enjoy these for their color. You can buy seeds HERE***

The beans are here! I was so worried that the heat and slower growing of my vine would mean no beans this year. If I didn’t get any beans, I wouldn’t have a vine next year since I planted all I had saved from 2 years ago.

We are getting some much needed rain from the hurricane so you can see the droplets on the beans this morning.

Aren’t these gorgeous!?!?

Not Quilt Related…maybe

 I’m not at all sure that anything I photograph is NQR or NAR..not quilt related or not art related.  In the life of an artist everything that we experience that appeals to our senses is art related. It might be sight [obviously] sound, touch or even smell.  

I took these photos this morning when I realized that my hyacinth bean was growing!  Not only growing, but blooming! It won’t be long until I have long purple beans. The entire growing season of the plant is a riot of dark greens and rosy purples. 

When we painted the porch area we removed flower boxes from under the windows. One of those boxes had been the nesting location for a Carolina Wren. I had 3 gourds that were painted fall colors to adorn the porch in a basket for autumn decoration. We decided they were better put to use  as alternate houses for the Carolina Wren next year. This one hangs above the bean with a long tendril wrapping around the wire. 

Carolinas like their home to be in vegetation so I was so happy to see this happening. 

The last photo is the astilbe that comes up every year in front of the mahonia holly.  I love the contrast of colors and textures in this front garden area.  Some leaves have a matte finish and others like the holly are glossy and bright. The bright sun creates dramatic light and dark areas.  It is these contrasts that delight me and make me wonder if there is an art quilt or a painting in here somewhere.