Hanging hardware for Quilts

Sunday, April 29, 2012

MossRehab, Elkins Park, PA

International Juried Exhibition & Sale
of Art by Professional Artists
with Physical Disabilities
 I have 7 pieces going to PA for this exhibit and sale. I was not happy with the way canvas mounted work  hung away from the wall with screw eyes and wires.I  found these wall hugger hangers for canvases and framed art at a hardware store that was going out of business. I must live a protected life since I had never seen them before.

I really like the way they are attached to the inside of the stretcher bars on the canvas. Even with black pellon dust covers on the back, the hangers can be used.  If you attach the hangers first, you simply cut a slit in the dust cover so the eye is on the back to attach wires to.

In this photo you can see I cut the slit and put the screws for the hanger on the outside of the dust cover.   I think this is the way I prefer. There are clear instructions on the back of the package.  ***Click on the photos to see a larger version*****

This is another discovery I made for soft work to hang from a gallery hanging system. I have to send hanging devices with the quilts or they will hang them from clips. Not the best for keeping the work even and smooth. I found these expandable curtain rods that have ready made slots in the ends. I will attach the wires to these slots. What I love about these is that they are sturdy, can be shipped easily, two rods can be put together to expand the length and they keep the set length without moving.