Getting Back in the Saddle

There was a call for entry for Star Quilts for a regional exhbition sponsored by The Arts Council of Southeast Missouri. The prospectus specifically encouraged art quilts. I realized that I had a few art quilts with stars in my inventory so I dug them out to photograph and enter.

This has always been one of my favorite pieces. It has never been exhibited or entered in a show. It started life as an Amish style stretched star quilt. Pretty ho hum but a perfect base for some experimenting. Lots of free motion machine quilting, some beading and then acrylic paint. It looks so much like the colorful Mexican pottery that I love.

I have no idea if any of the 3 quilts entered will make the show but it was fun to get back in the groove.

Distoriated Picoral took Most Original Design

WooHoo!!! White River Hope took a first place in it’s category and was awarded the show’s most Original Design out of 400 quilts. This is a cash award so that’s a good thing. I also love that the judge seemed to understand art quilts. I was in the judging room when all the art quilts were judged and I was impressed with her knowledge. For an art quilter, this award really meant more to me than Best of Show would have. However, all my first place winners were in the final cut for Best of Show but it went to a beautiful traditional quilt.

This is the quilt that a scribe/judge at a national show said “distoriated picoral”. That’s where the name of my blog came from. I STILL don’t know what that means or what it referred to. It was also in the Denver National Mancuso show and got only great comments from the judge but no ribbon. It was featured in Machine Quilting Unlimited’s Noteworthy Quilts section in their July issue. So all in all I feel good about this piece and what it accomplished.
Because of my RA, I always get marked off on my FMQ “strive for even stitch length” but that’s okay. I do the best I can and I would never turn one of my pieces over to someone else to complete. My threadwork with all it’s flaws is ME and MINE and is where I am now. It takes me forever to do this kind of piece now and before RA I could have done it in a week.