Houston Eye of the Quilter

Yippee Skippee!

I got notification today that my three entries for the photography contest  Eye of the Quilter: Flora & Fauna 2013  will be shown in the exhibit at  the International Quilt Market and Festival.  This is my 4th year for having photography accepted to the show.

This is the first year I will have both photography and a quilt showing. Stink Eye is in the Its Raining Cats and Dogs exhibit. I feel honored to have all my pieces showing there.

Friendship; Eye of the Quilter

I took this photo at dusk at the Huntington botanical garden in Pasadena. I loved the play of sizes, lines and circles of the various cacti.  It seemed fitting as an entry for Houston’s annual photography exhibit. I was honored that it will be there!

So how does it relate to friendship? The title is “Friends Stick Together”. Without the entire artists/photographer statement, it is based on the fact that friends come in all shapes and sizes, some have large circles of friends, some have only a few and no matter how ‘prickly’ we are, true friends stand by us.

The Eye of the Quilter

Wow, a great week. I’m both honored and excited.  I received two emails and saw that the subject lines were Eye of The Quilter. I had a photography piece in last year’s maiden exhibit so I thought I might as well try again this year.  I guessed notices of selection were coming out soon but I reluctantly opened the first one. YIPPEE…the first one was selected. I figured the second email was the skinny one…but SKIPPEE…it was also selected. So here are low resoltion pix of my two pieces that will be shown at
Pay Your Dues

Into The Unknown