Today’s Estate Find

Today’s estate sale find was $3 for a plastic bag with these items in it. The set of oil pastels is unused and new. The Shading Powder is also new and unopened. These are vintage and I haven’t a clue how to use the powder. since there are no instructions. The box says “For delicate shading from light to dark. Gives professional looking results. Fun for figurine painting and all crafts.” on another part of the box it says “Non-firing” and “Just Buff on with Cotton”.  So it looks like these are simply what we would call today pigment powders that can be used in stamping and embossing and used like the Jacquard powders.

They will be fun to play with. I’ll try mixing them with water to see if they mix and I’ll brush some on painted whole cloth pieces dry.  

If you have ever seen these I would love to hear from you!