Quilt University – Working in Series

 I am taking a course at Quilt University with Elizabeth Barton  called Working in Series.  This is something I’ve wanted to explore for some time but I always have the excuse of not enough time. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do but I no longer want to willy-nilly create work based on what hits me at the moment. That really screams of not being focused and excuse my use of the word…but making craft rather than art.  What creative time I have had has been eaten up by  just doing it…for the sake of doing it. Maybe that is why not much gets done.  I agree with artists who say you have to work at it every day but that statement doesn’t go far enough. You have to work at it with a focus.

I am on a new path that I hope I can stick to.  I’m madly cleaning the studio and house and thought at first I would have a garage sale since there is so much stuff. But, having a sale of any kind is a lot of work. With Ron’s blessing, we are boxing up unused things that came with us to Arkansas from Florida, putting them in the van and tomorrow we will deliver a full van load to the Humane Society Thrift store.  I know that if I keep this stuff around even to have a sale, I will find a reason to keep it. I mean honestly, I had a plastic drawer about 24″ wide and 6 inches deep that was full of sequined strands from a glitzy blouse I tore apart and unraveled. I really have used some of it but its been hanging around for 8 years so it was time to part with it. I think when a lot of the clutter from my life is gone it will be a freeing experience.

I have high hopes that this class  will set me on the right path for the rest of my creative life.  I hope you join me once in a while for things I’m able to share with you along the way.

Since I haven’t been posting photos recently, I thought I would add a photo you might like.  After one of the worst droughts in Arkansas history, it started raining and amazing things happened. Some of the trees started blooming again, wildflowers got their seasons mixed up and mushrooms of all kinds have been popping up everywhere. I’ve seen so many fairy rings I lost count.  I have a digital folder full of nature photos for inspiration and I photograph lots of mushrooms. I love the textures and love to watch them grow and change over time. Hmmmm…there really might be a series in that….