Its a HO-HO Christmas

 My Arts in the Cards artist trading card group is having a voluntary trade this month. A few of the artists are taking the month off and taking a breath.  

We are doing a Flat Santa swap, something I’ve wanted to do for awhile with a group. If you know Flat Stanley, this is sort of the same thing…after all, if Flat Stanley can travel the world then Santa can’t be too far behind.

The atc size body is cardboard covered with antique wallpaper. His arms and legs, boots and mittens are all made from leather. He is articulated with  brass fasteners so he can dance and be posed. He has an antique button and his face is done with colored pencil.

I hope he brought a smile to your face and I wish you a Merry Christmas!


Miniature Colored Pencil Paintings

I love to create little miniature drawings and paintings.

These little pieces are colored pencil and India ink on acid free mat board. I started doing these a few years ago when I had little bits of mat left from openings cut for larger works. Since they were never a standard size, I started cutting them into 2×2 inch pieces. These are small enough that I can carry them and the high quality pencils with me where ever I go.

I sit them on shelves, next to baskets or where ever. They are a nice unexpected art surprise.

These are just small enough that you could even add a pin on the back to wear for Spring! They are listed in my catalog of Etsy art. There is a link to a page at the top of my blog. If you click on any of the images it will take you to the Etsy site.