Let’s talk about artistic voice

 All artists wonder if they have a voice and how to know if they have one.  There may be as many opinions about this as there are artists. There are many articles both off and online on how to discover your voice. Here are two of them: http://blog.talenthouse.com/2012/02/25/10-ways-to-find-your-artistic-voice/  and http://artbistro.monster.com/benefits/articles/12710-finding-your-own-artistic-voice

I have never been able to describe my voice, though an artist statement should be a little about voice. But then I don’t have an effective artist statement either!  I guess that’s something else I have to work on.  

 There is an exhibit coming up for our regional SAQA group. It’s a quicky that came up sort of last minute. We can send one or two pieces and they will be for sale at the venue.  I need to get back in the swing of things after my fallow period due to health so I don’t want to pass this opportunity by. 

I pulled out the under-the-bed gallery to decide what to send. As I placed them  on the white bedspread it struck me that maybe I have a voice after all. I certainly have a go-to color palette and everything is very organic

Here are two more pieces left over from the SAQA donation quilt. I love how they look in these big chunky frames.  I couldn’t have planned these pieces from scratch to look any better than these left overs do.

So what do you all think. Do I have a voice that is obvious when you look at these few pieces grouped together?