Colaborative quilt Part 2

I have slashed and fringed areas of the quilt. The elements you see are next. I rarely bead unless it is an important part of the design.  The beads are going to be important!



Worktable Wednesday

This is my worktable this morning. All dyed pieces waiting for the grand finish. What does your table look like today?

worktable Wednesday

What do you see

A new large piece of textile painted fabric. Soft and crinkly quilted rayon.

What do you see in this piece? A tide pool? A forest? Tell me.

More stitching will be involved.

quilted rayon janicepainedawes dot com

Vintage Art cloth

When quilters think of vintage fabric the sweet little prints of feedsacks and calicos come to mind. They know there are geometrics and novelty fabrics but they aren’t readily available. I hit the mother lode at an estate sale and have these for sale on ebay. It’s hard to part with them but not one more thing can come into my studio….oh, yeah, except for the 60 spools of Mettler thread and the split oak basket I also got at the sale!